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The Three Holy Mothers of the Three Hierarchs: Sts. Nonna, Emmelia, and Anthousa are commemorated on the Sunday after the Feast of the Presentation of Christ to the Temple 

Prophetess Anna

“Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace…”

This prayer of St. Simeon, sung to close many services and when welcoming a newly baptized infant into the Church, is familiar for most Orthodox Christians. But listen again to them closely. Can you hear a two-part harmony, adding layers of beauty and meaning that often go unnoticed? For standing beside St. Simeon on that very day was a woman, St. Anna the Prophetess. 

Luckovic pilgrimage 1

In April 2023, I traveled to Serbia to adopt my son.

He was ten years old and living with a foster family in Belgrade. Months away from returning to the orphanage, he had aged out of the stage where squishy cheeks and little-kid innocence meant adoptability. He was old enough to comprehend this ominous situation while acutely feeling the culmination of years of trauma, so he was acting out and refusing to do schoolwork.

Kuchta pilgrimage 1

Our next pilgrimage story comes to us from Natalie Kuchta. You may recognize the school she visited from a previous pilgrimage story! (You can find it here: We hope you enjoy her reflections on connecting with the saints and carrying their prayers back from a pilgrimage.

St. Paula of Rome

Desert mother. Pilgrim saint. These titles, given to Paula of Rome, epitomize the contrasts and paradoxes of her life. 

Sometimes regarded as the first female monastic, St. Paula began her adult life primarily as a mother to six children. Raised in a wealthy Christian household in fourth-century Rome, Paula was married to a wealthy nobleman with whom she lived in peace and prosperity for sixteen years. It was her husband’s sudden death when she was only thirty-two that first brought the desert into her life. 

St. Amphilochios review

It is not anything extraordinary we do to become a saint, but in the ordinary acts of our lives. - paraphrased from Fr. Michael Oleksa

On Monday, January 9th, viewers crowded into Cinema 21 in the Northwest district of Portland, Oregon, as lines to enter stretched out the door. A surprised staff checked tickets and guided us to Theater One, which was so crowded we began filling the balcony. Who knew, we could almost hear them thinking, that there are so many Orthodox people in Portland? 

Nativity 2023
Blessed Nativity to those who are celebrating today!
We rejoice in the coming of Christ and meditate today on all the women - the midwives, kinswomen, and particularly the Theotokos - who participated in this incredible mystery.
"At the heart of Christmas night is the image of Mother and Child streaming with blinding light.