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St. Tamara



Queen Tamara began her reign by calling a church council. asking the clergy to judge "according to righteousness," and to begin with her, not being influenced by power or wealth. "Do away with every wickedness, beginning wih me."

Featured Saint: Queen Tamara


​Are you interested in a walking pilgrimage? Not sure how to get started? 

Jennifer Nahas was a pilgrimage instructor at REI for seven years and has also been on two full Camino walks of over 500 miles. 

​In this webinar, she will cover the spiritual, physical, and practical (gear!) aspects of preparing for a walking pilgrimage, using walking the Camino as a case study. 

We hope you can join us!

$12 (Orthodox women only, please.)

If cost is a barrier, please let us know. 

Register here!


Prepare for Pilgrimage
How to Prepare for a Walking Pilgrimage recap

Why do you walk? 

This opening question was asked by Jennifer Nahas during our most recent Axia webinar, How to Prepare for a Walking Pilgrimage. Participants answered with statements such as:

Walking helps to calm me and ground me and also to connect me to the beauty of creation and to God.

Walking puts something substantive on my habit of prayer and silence and being.

To reset and get perspective.

To connect with a saint or sacred place.

I walk to focus my attention (and feel free).

How Sweet the Sound 1

Eighteen years ago, on behalf of the Fellowship of St. Moses the Black (of which she is currently President), Abbess Katherine Weston, whom Axia spotlighted last July before the work premiered, began experimenting with using African-American Spirituals as a source or inspiration for Orthodox liturgical composition. She finished the entire Jubilee Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in 2023 and premiered it at the Fellowship’s conference in Houston last October.


Jennifer Anna Rich pilgrimage 1

My pilgrimage to Patmos Island in Greece last fall really began on an earlier pilgrimage five years ago to England, sitting with Metropolitan Kallistos, who told our small group that “to 'pray without ceasing' is not something we should try to do as often as possible, but is something that we potentially 'are' ... to become a person who has been turned into prayer!”