By, for, and about Orthodox women,

in the service of Christ.









We are Orthodox Christian

women dedicated to raising up

one another’s gifts for our own

salvation and the well-being

of the whole Church.

Kordis Keno Mnimeio

Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Coptic women saints icon, square

Support for one another.

Santorini Theotokos ceiling fresco

Speaking with truth and grace in Christian love.

SVS Kandili

Service to enhance the life of the Church.

Girls in Jerusalem with red doors

Advocacy for increasing women’s leadership in the Church.

Prosphora Stamps, breadbaking at Emmaus House, Harlem NYC

Building community in every way possible.


Here's where we'll be posting more about events and activities.  

In the meantime, join us at some of our mini meet-ups around the country.

We look forward to getting to know each other!

Women with cross tattoos
Iliana polishing church vessels

I had been looking so forward to Lent this year. That may seem a bit odd: people often speak about looking forward to the Paschal season, but Lent, with the fasting & looking inward, maybe not so much. But this year I really was: I planned to travel over to New Skete more frequently, and I couldn't wait for my first Pre-sanctified service of the season!

Canaanite Woman by Br Robert Lenz

On the fourth Sunday of Great Lent in the Malankara Syriac Church, the Church remembers the Syrophoenician/Canaanite Woman (Matthew 15.21-30).  


Glory to Jesus Christ. Glory forever.

Barkemor (Bless me O Lord) Achen, Deacons and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this fourth Sunday of our journey of the Great Lent and our journey to the Cross, the Church reminds us of a parent pleading to the Lord for her child. 

Jesus comes to a land of Gentiles.  What happens is that a Gentile woman (not of Jewish background) but a Syro-Phoenician or Canaanite woman comes to Jesus.  

Nazareth  Shown in Kariye Cami mosaic, Istanbul

Delivered at the parish of the Sign of the Theotokos, Montreal, on 3/8/20

Reading: John 1: 43-51