By, for, and about Orthodox women,

in the service of Christ.









We are Orthodox Christian

women dedicated to raising up

one another’s gifts for our own

salvation and the well-being

of the whole Church.

Kordis Keno Mnimeio

Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Coptic women saints icon, square

Support for one another.

Santorini Theotokos ceiling fresco

Speaking with truth and grace in Christian love.

SVS Kandili

Service to enhance the life of the Church.

Girls in Jerusalem with red doors

Advocacy for increasing women’s leadership in the Church.

Prosphora Stamps, breadbaking at Emmaus House, Harlem NYC

Building community in every way possible.


Here's where we'll be posting more about events and activities.  

In the meantime, join us at some of our mini meet-ups around the country.

We look forward to getting to know each other!

Women with cross tattoos
Raising of Jairus' Daughter

Our blogger Judith has written in recent months about both the woman with a flow of blood and Jairus’ daughter. In a recent family conversation, both of them came up again, and the discussion would have evolved differently if I hadn’t had Judith’s thoughts in mind. It certainly went to places we weren't expecting!

St Menas icon

Once when I was in a difficult situation, I couldn't think of a saint who was known for help with traveling on planes.  So I appealed to a saint who rode a horse instead.  It worked. 

In 1992, I was flying home on standby due to a domestic emergency.  All the seats were taken.  I prayed to St. Menas with fervor.  

Suddenly, a soldier walked up behind me in the line at the airline counter.  I stepped aside, as she seemed important. She said to the flight attendant, "I believe I need to be put on this flight. Here are my credentials." 

Icon of the Theotokos of Mirozh

 Our blogger cosiders ways that people have found to deal with spiritual and physical turmoil during times of war or pandemic. The icon above appeared at the Mirozh monastery in the year 1198. When a plague hit the city of Pskov during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, there were reports that the icon streamed myrrh from both eyes that healed many.

I’m part of an upcoming conference that has to do with Evil and Spiritual Combat in a Time of Pandemic, so I’ve been thinking about those things lately. I shuddered when I heard the words “evil” and “combat.” “Evil” struck me as archaic and overdrawn and “combat” as too militant.