By, for, and about Orthodox women,

in the service of Christ.









We are Orthodox Christian

women dedicated to raising up

one another’s gifts for our own

salvation and the well-being

of the whole Church.

Kordis Keno Mnimeio

Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Coptic women saints icon, square

Support for one another.

Santorini Theotokos ceiling fresco

Speaking with truth and grace in Christian love.

SVS Kandili

Service to enhance the life of the Church.

Girls in Jerusalem with red doors

Advocacy for increasing women’s leadership in the Church.

Prosphora Stamps, breadbaking at Emmaus House, Harlem NYC

Building community in every way possible.


Here's where we'll be posting more about events and activities.  

In the meantime, join us at some of our mini meet-ups around the country.

We look forward to getting to know each other!

Women with cross tattoos
Fordham St Phoebe Panel

Last week, Fordham University’s Orthodox Christian Studies Center hosted a panel on “The Female Diaconate and the Orthodox Church” at its Lincoln Center Campus in Manhattan. There was a strong turn-out for a chilly February evening, mostly of students and people from area churches. Unlike a similar event I attended in Philadelphia last March, the overall vibe was open and curious, and questions flowed thick and fast after the presentations.

Bibles for Lectio

I learned lectio divina on retreat at New Skete monastery, in Cambridge, NY. More than any other practice, it has changed my relationship with Christ and has created a pathway to dialogue with him. For all that, there's nothing complicated about it. It’s a simple, three-step practice, that goes like this:

Myrrhbearing Women icon 3

A third lesson from Axia Women's first six months: Everybody is going through stuff. We need to show up for each other.