Please excuse our appearance: we are redecorating.

By, for, and about Orthodox women,
in the service of Christ.







We are Orthodox Christian

women dedicated to raising up

one another’s gifts for our own

salvation and the well-being

of the whole Church.

Kordis Keno Mnimeio

Trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Coptic women saints icon, square

Support for one another.

Santorini Theotokos ceiling fresco

Speaking with truth and grace in Christian love.

SVS Kandili

Service to enhance the life of the Church.

Girls in Jerusalem with red doors

Advocacy for increasing women’s leadership in the Church.

Prosphora Stamps, breadbaking at Emmaus House, Harlem NYC

Building community in every way possible.


Here's where we'll be posting more about events and activities.  

In the meantime, join us at some of our mini meet-ups around the country.

We look forward to getting to know each other!

Women with cross tattoos
Coptic St. John Chrysostom with St. Paul

If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t always have a great relationship with St. Paul. I found—and sometimes still find— reading him a struggle. This is particularly as a woman. Not only are a lot of his texts are taken out of context and weaponized, but even the ones that haven’t been can still be difficult.

Mother Maria Skobtsova

So many other people have written profoundly and at length about Mother Maria Skobtsova that I hesitate a little to write briefly about her here. But, as it's her feast day, I wanted to bring up an aspect of her life that might speak to you the way it did to me.

I haven't had a clear career arc. I grew up intending to be a writer, then through undergrad and beyond became a classicist, then a Modern Greek scholar, then a folklorist; taught in higher ed for a few short years, developed a freelance editing practice, spent a decade in corporate communications at massive financial services company--and now I'm one of the people behind Axia Women. Talk about zigzagging! 

Christy WOW 1b
Christy Ma, who was a recent Woman of the Week, mentioned in one of her WOW pieces that she had been part of an inculturation experiment in Hong Kong. We wanted to know more!