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Ioana Popa appeal

What does a vibrant life in the Church look like? 

When we founded Axia, that was the question we set out to understand. Some of the answers we heard to the question included, “It helps me use my education, knowledge, and experience to serve Christ,” “I want to grow spiritually and be part of a meaningful community,” and “It’s the place at the center of my life.” We also heard women articulate things they needed help with to create a vibrant Church life, and set out to serve those needs. 

Lijin WOW 2

What could be more appropriate this time of year than to give thanks to the endless number of women serving our Orthodox parishes across the US?  And thanks to Axia’s Women of the Week series, I am delighted to spend some time reporting on what we have learned.

WOW Fact 3


Greek nave US

The second piece in our series on of how we move through space in our churches, by liturgist, chanter, and mother Sarah Roumas. You see here naves of Greek, Armenian, Serbian, OCA, and Coptic churches in the US or abroad.

Patricia working on WOWs

Our Woman of the Week series is probably what Axia is best known for! We haven't been asked often why we do it, because it seems to make sense to our readers right off the bat--and that's a good thing! But now that I've raised the issue, you might be interested in more of the rationale behind these profiles. Here it is:

Nubian St. Anne

This month we celebrated the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which was held in Nicea, Asia Minor, in 787. Under Empress Irene, 367 Bishops were present. The Council published a statement approving the creation and veneration of icons as an essential part of prayer, a way to encounter and experience the holy presence. The statement says, “The icons of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, that of our Lady the Theotokos, those of the venerable angels and those of all saintly people. Whenever these representations are contemplated, they will cause those who look at them to commemorate and love their prototype.”