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Spring flowers 1

Concluding Bright Week on a bright note. Spring--even if she is a little late for some of us--is finally showing her colors!

Let's start with some flowers found in a coffeeshop in Portland, Oregon. If you know what these spectacular blooms are, please tell us!

For All Our Sisters and Brothers Who Celebrate Today

Indeed He is Risen!

happy easter 2023

Christ is Risen!

Indeed He is Risen!

Raising of Lazarus (Greek)

Lazarus bread rolls are traditional in many Greek parishes to celebrate Christ's resurrection of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha of Bethany. If you’ll look at an icon of Christ calling Lazarus from the tomb, you’ll see that little strips of dough have been wrapped around the central body of the roll to resemble the wrappings of his shroud. Traditionally, you also press into one end of the dough two whole cloves, raisins, or chocolate chips to resemble his eyes. (Some people substitute a single peeled almond for his face instead.) 

2022 Annual Report logo

2022 was the year we decided to see just how far we could go with virtually no staff and a shoestring budget. We ended up with a vastly expanded network, events of many kinds, and a board that increased in number, scope, and expertise. Follow this link to see where we went and where we're going!

St. Mary of Egypt

Sharing one of our favorite sermons ever, on St. Mary of Egypt., by Nadieszda Kizenko as part of Fordham University's Orthodox  Scholars Preach series.


Putting Joy Into Practice webinar recap

One of the things that people don’t say much about Lent is how many of our practices are really about connecting us–to our inner selves, to God, and to our community. That turned out to be one of my main takeaways from our Sunday webinar, led by Phoebe Farag Mikhail, content creator, writer, educator, trainer, advocate, and education diplomat. She clearly drew on her experience in church community life, family life, international development, education, human rights, and disaster risk management in the writing of the book she spoke about, Putting Joy Into Practice, which you’ve been seeing us blog about over the last four weeks (thanks, Judith, Jen, Amber, and Tenbit!).