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A few months ago, we had a lovely suggestion from a member of our community, Elizabeth Rotoff, who wants to help Orthodox who were either new to fasting or long-time practitioners find healthy ways to work their way through our seasons of restricted eating. Here's a sample of her approach and, if you are interested in learning more, she will be offering a workshop starting this coming Monday. This is an experiment for us--we've never posted a non-Axia offering before as a blog. 

As we come to the close of the Paschal season and approach Pentecost, this signals the approach of another fasting period: the Apostles’ Fast. 

Julia Wickes on St. Elizabeth

Periodically, I pick up my copy of the biography of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr, written by Lubov Millar, and re-read certain parts. Photographs, anecdotes from people who knew her, and letters written by Elizabeth all provide a level of detail that is unusual within the genre of Orthodox hagiography. While I love having such an extravagant window into the life of an Orthodox saint, I also have found it interesting that the spiritual process of cultivating communion with a saint, whether modern or ancient, seems to happen apart from the noise of biographical detail.

Christina Maranci, headshot

We want to tell you about an exciting change to our Advisory Board. Please help us welcome Dr. Christina Maranci! She is a former Woman of the Week, who impressed us with her groundbreaking work in the study of the history of Armenian art and architecture, and inspired us even more with her compassion and the way she views failure as key to her success. Here she is in her own words: 

Myrrhbears Appeal thank you

You proved we were right: good things DO happen when Orthodox women come together! We far exceeded our fundraising goal! Excluding our matching donation, you gave $3200 to help Axia expand. We cannot thank you enough.

Spring flowers 1

Concluding Bright Week on a bright note. Spring--even if she is a little late for some of us--is finally showing her colors!

Let's start with some flowers found in a coffeeshop in Portland, Oregon. If you know what these spectacular blooms are, please tell us!

For All Our Sisters and Brothers Who Celebrate Today

Indeed He is Risen!

happy easter 2023

Christ is Risen!

Indeed He is Risen!