Woman Of The Week Listing

Kathryn WOW 1

Meet Kathryn Freeman Rogers, our Woman of the Week! She was nominated for her work as a nurse, her ministry as a priest's wife, and her life as an adoptive mother. We asked her to tell you about herself:

Desert Mother environment

With the pandemic and social distancing so much on our minds these days, we thought we’d take a week to visit with some people who isolated themselves in an extreme way: our Desert Mothers. Their focus on outward isolation and inner stillness can help us in such anxious times.
The Desert Mothers were ascetics who lived either as hermits or in isolated monastic communities in the third, fourth, and fifth centuries in Egypt, Israel, and Syria. They influenced our acetic and monastic traditions. You can learn more about them in  The Sayings of the Desert Fathers (translated by Benedicta Ward, SLG) and Palladius’ Lausiac History.

Ioana WOW 1a

With so many aspects of our lives closing down, delaying, or shrinking back as those of us who can retreat into our homes for the love of our neighbors, we are thinking of those who are working out there to keep our communities running and working to limit the impact of the virus. God be with us all!

In the middle of all this, we'd like to introduce our Woman of the Week, who is no stranger to finding God in unlikely times and places. Nominated for her work as a coach, counselor, and chaplain, she is Ioana Popa. We asked her to tell you about herself.

Aimee WOW 1

Our Woman of the Week is Aimee Joshua, nominated because of the digital online ministry she runs through a podcast called "Chasing Dreams with AimeeJ." We asked her about herself:

Mary WOW 1a

Our Woman of the Week is Mary Long, nominated for her former work as one of the early directors of CrossRoad Summer Institute and her expertise as a movement practitioner with a higher degree in theology:

“If you had told me 15 years ago that I'd end up teaching Pilates, I would have probably laughed (but somehow been curious and excited at the same time!). A Pilates instructor with a Masters in Divinity... it can throw people off! I'm in my late thirties, in my third career, and in many ways feel I'm just now starting to hit my stride.