Woman Of The Week Listing

Jocelyn WOW 1

Our Woman of the Week, Jocelyn Mathewes, was nominated for her work as an artist and priest's wife, who manages family, work, and parish pressures gracefully while living with a chronic illness. Plus, she is a member of one of the few bi-jurisdictional parishes in the US, if anywhere! You see her here in the middle of her parish's Pascha procession this year, which included a laptop so the rest of the congregation could join in: 

Christine WOW 1

Our Woman of the Week, Christine Kelly, was nominated for the way she lives her Orthodox beliefs into her work as the dean of a major university. We asked her to tell you about herself:

St Monica of Hippo icon

On an Orthodox Facebook page the other day, someone mentioned that they've had visitors to their Eastern Orthodox parish put off by the lack of icons of black saints on the walls and iconostasis. If you find yourself in the same situation, here are just four of the saints that might be missing.

Teva WOW 1a

Our Woman of the Week is theologian Teva Regule, nominated for her work as president of the Orthodox Theological Society of America and the role she played in creating pilgrimage, among many other contributions to Orthodox life in the US. We asked her to tell you about herself:

St Joanna by

As the Paschal period draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look at three of the lesser-known Myrrhbearers, Joanna, Susanna, and Mary of Clopas. All three are based on their lives as pieced together by renowned New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham in his book Gospel Women.