Woman Of The Week Listing

Sherry WOW 1a

Pediatrician, poet, and novelist Sherry Shenoda is our Woman of the Week. You see her here briefing the US Senate on her research about the effects of armed conflict on children. We asked her to tell you how she wrote The Lightkeeper, the first novel for adults ever released by Ancient Faith Publishing:

"Writing has always been a way for me to figure out what I think. It was a way for me to maintain my humanity, especially during residency and fellowship, when I was working with a lot of sick children. Writing has always energized me and giving me strength to be a better mother and a better doctor and wife. Writing is also a way for me to observe the world. You could say it allows me to be a better human.

Ann Marie WOW 1

Ann Marie Mecera, the founder and President of St. Phoebe Center for the Deaconess, is our Woman of the Week. We asked her to tell you about herself and how she grew into leadership positions in her diocese: 

Christy WOW 1

Our Woman of the Week is Christy Ma, a liturgical scholar from Hong Kong who has studied at Holy Cross Seminary and  Notre Dame. We asked her to tell you how liturgics took her on a journey from atheism to Christianity to Orthodoxy. You see her here speaking at a church-related event in Hong Kong, and with her professor, the renowned liturgical scholar, Fr. Robert Taft, S.J.:

Clio WOW 1

Our Woman of the Week is Clio Pavlantos, chaplain, former professional dancer, and speaker. You see here here as a chaplain resident at a VA hospital and, more recently, on the wards at a cancer center. We asked her to tell you about how her career changed direction from performance to theology and then to chaplaincy:

“'You may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?"' — Talking Heads, Letting The Days Go By.

Tatiana NH WOW 1a

It's been a while since our last Woman of the Week, so we are extra pleased to present  Tatiana NIkolova-Houston! Tatiana is an artist, an iconographer, a conservator, and an information scientist. We asked her to tell you about herself: