Confronting Racism: An Orthodox Response

GOA Miniseries on Racism

 This week, the Greek Archdiocese of America produced the miniseries “A Conversation on Racial Reconciliation,” which is part of their larger online resource center covering racism and the response of the Church. Consisting of six episodes, the miniseries includes interviews with priests, deacons, laity, and academics. Fr. John Chryssavgis asked me, along with Professor Aristotle Papanikolaou and Dr. Candace Lukasik, to be part of the final interview about an Orthodox response to systemic racism inside and outside of the Church, our anthropological, historical, and theological approaches to the current social protests, and what the religious forms of racial reconciliation might look like during this fraught political moment. 

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Dr. Sarah Riccardi-Swartz is the secretary for Axia Women and attends an OCA parish in New Jersey, where (pre-Covid-19) she sang in the choir. She is a sociocultural anthropologist, documentary filmmaker, and historian who works on American religion, social politics, and gender.

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