Church of Our Granddaughters: On Menstruation

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Church of Our Granddaughters webinar

We are delighted to offer a webinar by Carrie Frederick Frost, PhD,  author of The Church of Our Granddaughters, with a special focus on menstruation. 

In many parishes and areas of the Orthodox world, women and girls are excommunicated during their periods. Sometimes they are instructed not to venerate icons, light candles, kiss the cross, bake prosphora, or engage in other acts of worship, and sometimes they are even prohibited from coming to church at all. Dr. Frost will discuss how these popular practices–though widespread–diverge from core Orthodox theology related to women, the human body, and the Incarnation, and suggest ways to bring this particular set of practices in line with our theology.

If you want to read the book before the webinar, it is available from Cascade Books and

Register here ($12--let us know if cost is an issue)

(Orthodox women only, please.)