Our Benefactors

Benefactor Fordham
Orthodox Christian Studies Center

Axia Women is profoundly grateful to the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University for its support over the last two years, most recently through a generous grant to help fund our programs and website re-design. The Center’s mission is "to facilitate, finance, and publish scholarship on the history, thought, and culture of the Orthodox Christian world," and in recent years it has increasingly highlighted the contributions that women bring to the Orthodox Church. The Center’s support was instrumental in our initial launch and is continuing to allow us to lay the groundwork for a robust outreach. Thank you, OCSC, for your groundbreaking efforts to bring women to the vanguard of Orthodoxy.

Benefactor Pat Bouteneff
Patricia Fann Bouteneff
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Rachel Contos
Benefactor Jenn
Jennifer Nahas
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David Pettee
Benefactor Joana
Ioana Popa MD Bcc
Benefactor Mt Savas
Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh
Benefactor Judith
Judith Scott

Christine Ayoub
Hollie Benton
Yelena Bolshakova
Tatiana Bouteneff
Marla Contos
Pamela Cousoulis
Katherine Orphanakos Demacopoulos
Laura Everett
Spyridoula Fotinis
Carrie Frederick Frost
Susan Ashbrook Harvey
Maeve Henry
Sarah Hill
Tatiana L. Hoff
Janice Marie Johnson
Laura Josephson
Marlene Karalilparampil
Christine Kelly
Nadieszda Kizenko
Maria Lengert
Alexander Lingas
Mary Long
Candace Lukasik
Patricia Manuse
Asha Mathai
Ann Marie Mecera
Grace Monk
Lincoln Purdy
Sarah Riccardi-Swartz
Marilyn Rouvelas
Seawater Studio
Christina Simon
Maria Sozzani
Miriam Lisankie Stachow
Jeremy Swartz
Carla Thomas
Lijin Thomas
George Varghese
Sheryl White
Victoria Wilkins
Anne Wilkinson
Gayle Woloschak
Women's Ministries and Education Network (W.O.M.E.N.)