My St. Menas Miracle

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Once when I was in a difficult situation, I couldn't think of a saint who was known for help with traveling on planes.  So I appealed to a saint who rode a horse instead.  It worked. 

In 1992, I was flying home on standby due to a domestic emergency.  All the seats were taken.  I prayed to St. Menas with fervor.  

Suddenly, a soldier walked up behind me in the line at the airline counter.  I stepped aside, as she seemed important. She said to the flight attendant, "I believe I need to be put on this flight. Here are my credentials." 

The flight attendant reviewed the circumstances. She made a quick call to the pilot. The doors flew open. A couple was being led out. They had been on the standby list ahead of me. The soldier picked up her gear and invited me to go with her, since there was now one extra seat.  

Lord have mercy.

I made it home in time. 

Holy St. Menas, pray to God for us. 

(I went to an Orthodox church in London once to attend a vespers service to St Menas.  To my delight, His Excellency, the Most Reverend Metropolitan Kallistos Ware himself was performing the services, which felt like an extra blessing.). 

Carla Thomas is an emergency room physician and parish founder in Alabama. She is also the author of the Canon for Racial Reconciliation and other services. 

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