Women Still at the Feet of Jesus

Women at the Crucifixion icon

Last week, a miracle happened.

It was Sunday Liturgy.

I had quickly cut several flowers from my garden, secured them in my hair, and rushed to church. I venerated the icons and laid the flowers around them. As I passed by the large cross with Christ, I noticed a cobweb. With my scarf, I gently removed the cobwebs from the feet of Jesus. Suddenly, a stranger in the congregation started weeping. 

After church, I asked her what happened. She said that when I was wiping the feet of the cardboard Jesus the real Jesus had appeared to her. 

Then I started weeping that “out of the mouth of babes Thou hast ordained praise.” (Psalm 8)

Carla Thomas is a parish founder and an emergency room physician who also runs a free clinic for the uninsured in Anniston, Alabama.

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