Hymn to the Myrrhbearers

Myrrhbearing Women icon 3

It seems fitting to end our visit with the individual Myrrhbearers with a verse from the church recognizing what happened when they came together as a group for the Body of Christ. The verse is sung on Saturday night in many of our churches before the Resurrection, before they know He has trampled down death by death:

Before the dawn, the myrrhbearing women sought, as those who seek the day, their sun.
He was before the sun, yet had descended to the grave.
And they cried to each other:
O friends! Come, let us anoint with spices his life-bearing yet buried body,
the flesh which raised fallen Adam and now lies in the tomb.
Let us assemble and, like the magi, let us hasten and let us worship.
Let us bring myrrh as a gift to him who is wrapped now, not in swaddling clothes, but in a winding sheet.
Let us lament and cry: Arise: O Master, and bestow resurrection on the fallen!

Holy Myrrhbearing Mothers, pray to God for us!