Blessed Nativity!

Nativity 2023
Blessed Nativity to those who are celebrating today!
We rejoice in the coming of Christ and meditate today on all the women - the midwives, kinswomen, and particularly the Theotokos - who participated in this incredible mystery.
"At the heart of Christmas night is the image of Mother and Child streaming with blinding light. Here, everything that had been torn apart by sin and hostility and human pride is once again united: heaven and earth, God and man, nature and spirit.
“The world becomes a hymn of praise, words become a song of love, matter becomes a gift and all of nature becomes a manger. In this image of Mother and Child, God's eternal love for the world and the world's eternal love...for God are united, completed, and victorious."
–Alexander Schmemman
Icon by Olga Shalamova of Sacred Murals (Sacred Murals Studio. Living Tradition of Christian art. )